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The story behind the Dessein Easy Chair

December 18, 2014

The launch of our 10 Degrees campaign in October this year marked the introduction of 5 new furniture pieces to the Dessein range, including Dessein’s first-ever limited edition piece – an Easy Chair designed by Jon Goulder.


Designed to be affordable, accessible and customisable, the Easy Chair is Dessein’s first upholstered furniture piece and comes in three variations. First is an all-Oak version – which accentuates the chair’s purity of design and line. Its beautiful timber materiality gives it a distinctive Australian character, while also guaranteeing its place among the very best Scandinavian design pieces available in Australia.


The Oak with fabric upholstery is equally elegant and extremely versatile in its application. It makes for a lovely feature piece in the home, while also having a very strong commercial application in contemporary office environments.


Crowning the collection is the Easy Chair in Walnut with leather upholstery. This particular edition has a presence all of its own; it speaks of craftsmanship and quality and is a centrepiece in every sense of the word, both in a domestic and commercial settings.


When Jon set out to design the Easy Chair for Dessein it was with an aim to develop a piece that would be “original, adaptable and affordable.”


“The Easy Chair is designed in 3 different, interchangeable components – a side frame, laminated arms, and seat and back panels,” says Jon.


“These components can be arranged in a number of different combinations to suit a certain style or aesthetic. The overall thinking behind this design is to [create] a chair that is affordable and sexy.”





Win your very own Easy Chair


Would you like to win your very own Jon Goulder designed Easy Chair?


We’ve yet to officially name our Easy Chair – which is where you come in.


Enter the competition to give this unique Australian-designed piece a memorable and distinctive name.


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The competition closes on 20 December 2014, with the winner to be announced just before Christmas!