Dessein Furniture

About Dessein

When a gap in the Australian design market became apparent, Dessein Furniture was ready and waiting to answer the call. A call to craft affordable, authentic and quality designs, expressive of modern contemporary Australia.

Since its launch in 2012, Dessein Furniture has continued to deliver original, accessible Australian-designed furniture to customers across contract and retail markets. Being true to our Australian identity is one of our key values, ensuring each furniture piece we design and produce is reflective of our unique culture, lifestyle and landscape.

Embracing Australia’s vibrant and dynamic way of life, Dessein Furniture offers local designers the opportunity to promote their designs on home soil. Working with some of Australia’s most talented designers has allowed us to create a dynamic fusion of fresh designs and creative inspiration.

A focus on affordability and accessibility allows us to provide our customers with authentic alternatives to the mid-range furniture currently available in Australia. This is strengthened by our responsive, personable, fast and honest service – something which lies at the heart of our ethos.

With a dedication to sustainability, Dessein Furniture makes considered and conscientious choices for materials. Sourcing resources which are readily available in the geographic region allows us to reward our customers with cost savings while also reducing waste and minimising environmental impacts.

Dessein Furniture’s vision is clear  – to deliver a range of furniture and objects for living which is distinctive in its authenticity, versatile in its application, accessible in its affordability and enduring in style.


The Founder

‘What I see in Australian design is a fresh perspective on the world, a vibrancy and youth that expresses the multicultural diversity that our nation represents.’


A desire to facilitate new opportunities for Australian designers stirred Michele Chow into launching Dessein Furniture in 2012. At the core was a vision to create Australian designed furniture which was affordable, original and sustainable.

But the dream began much earlier thanks to a design enriched childhood with hours spent in her father’s architectural studio. A mixed, rich cultural heritage also played its part as Michele crossed the globe from Malaysia to Australia, over to London and back to Melbourne where Dessein Furniture took form in earnest.

Michele understands the value between everyday life and design. Since her award winning student days she has consistently worked towards crafting better living through design. At the helm of Dessein, she enjoys the opportunity to push herself each day and be the master of her own destiny.