Dessein Furniture

Marcus Piper

‘The idea of creating an Australian design vernacular is exciting – to design things for a population which is far removed from the rest of the world but very much engaged.’

Marcus Piper is a man ready to cultivate a world class manufacturing and design scene in a country still unearthing its identity. He sees a nation open to new ideas and working with Dessein offers him the chance to build a bold vision for Australian design – with the guts to actually do it.

A multi award-winning digital craftsperson, Marcus brings together past training in industrial design and his natural affinity for graphic design in innovative ways. As creative director of POL Oxygen magazine, Marcus brought three dimensionality to magazine design at a time when many thought print was dead. He has been the creative force behind Australian publication design since. 

Regularly tipping his hat to the past Marcus understands the way things were once processed and uses this to make the most of every design opportunity. Engagement with the end user is his sole focus and he never forgets to put himself in the shoes of the person using his designs.