Dessein Furniture



From the lowlands of Tasmania comes Blackwood, a timber favoured by furniture makers and craftspeople. As a short-lived and fast growing species, it is a perfect renewable resource, it regenerates easily from seed and grows well in wet areas. Trees can reach up to 40 metres and the timber presents rich golden brown hues. It’s a hardwood which is both beautiful and boasts a long life. The Blackwood grain can be either straight or display the highly sought after wavy fiddle back pattern.

Celery Top Pine

For durability and stability, Celery Top is one of Tasmania’s native conifers, favoured by a multitude of crafting projects from boat building to joinery and flooring. The tree grows to around 25 metres and features a beautiful fine-grained texture which transforms from a pale straw shade when freshly cut to golden tones as it ages. It is easy to work with yet hardy and strong. Its attributes include a fine texture coupled with a usually straight grain. Its sustainability is secured by the fact it is both widespread and common. 


Also known as ‘Plantation Hardwood’, Rubberwood is available in large and renewable quantities throughout South-East Asia. As a sap producing species, Rubberwood yields latex for rubber based products so the plantation trees have already served a useful function. After tapping is finished, the tree is felled and a new sapling is planted, the mature tree is then used for furniture production. Rubberwood is economically viable and ecologically sound. The wood has a similar grain quality and colour to Oak which is why it’s often called ‘Asian Oak’.