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Our Manufacturing Capabilities & Certification

In engaging a manufacturer, Dessein Furniture looked to find a partner that was in tune with its vision and ethos. A key requirement was an ability to demonstrate a creative understanding and technical interpretation of each designer’s work, not to mention a thorough understanding of the properties, capabilities and limitations of Rubberwood. A preparedness to translate these aspects into beautifully resolved and executed furniture pieces was also important.

For Dessein Furniture these aspects were a priority and guiding principle, with physical location of manufacturer being a secondary requirement.

Dessein Furniture was fortunate to find a boutique Thailand-based manufacturer that has supported and engaged with its vision from day one. The relationship formed from this partnership has been invaluable, and collaborative experience has been a true privilege.

Dessein Furniture’s manufacturer has extensive experience in producing finely crafted and finished furniture using Rubberwood. This has been further reinforced by its long association with leading design houses from countries such as Japan and Scandinavia.

Key to the Dessein Furniture vision is an ability to offer competitively priced and affordable quality products. Dessein Furniture’s partnership with its chosen manufacturer allows the brand to maintain its stated pricing approach and boutique scale production runs, while also maintaining a viable business with a positive growth projection.