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The Pieman Float Trays

Playing with concepts of reflectivity and connectedness, this collection of table trays are an elegant and stylish accessory that is versatile to interior style and setting. Mix and match from a range of sizes which come with and without tea-light holders; continue the style conversation throughout your space with complementary elements of lighting and mirrors.


Marcus Piper is a man ready to cultivate a world class manufacturing and design scene in a country still unearthing its identity. He sees a nation open to new ideas and working with Dessein offers him the chance to build a bold vision for Australian design – with the guts to actually do it.



Designer Marcus Piper
Material Blackwood, Walnut and Oak
Dimensions 99 L x 99 W / 198 L x 99 W / 198 L x 198 W / 396 L x 99 W - all 20 H