Dessein Furniture

The Pieman Shelves

The Pieman Shelves conjures the still, reflective planes of Lake Pieman’s watery surface, pierced by the long shadows of tall tree trunks. The shelves are designed using an intelligent, low-tech, easy-to-assemble joining system that allows for up to 12 shelving variations. The system is flat-packable.


Simon Ancher

From the heart of Launceston, Simon Ancher comes to Dessein with a sense of purpose and resourcefulness. His commitment to sustainable practices is closely aligned to the Dessein ethos and the chance to collaborate with like-minded designers on a new range was an offer too good to miss.



Designer Simon Ancher
Material Hydrowood Blackwood, Walnut, Ash and Oak
Dimensions Tall 1200 L x 450 W x 1780mm H
Low 2400 L x 450 W x 1360mm H