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Dessein launches its first pop up Concept Store in Melbourne CBD

November 24, 2014


Have you visited Dessein Furniture’s new pop up Concept Store yet? It’s a truly experiential space, designed by the talented team at DesignOffice to bring our new campaign, ’10 Degrees’, to life.


’10 Degrees’ is a celebration of our country’s unique natural beauty and sunny lifestyle. Specifically it references the moments at sunset and sunrise when the sun hovers 10 degrees above the horizon.


The concept of ’10 Degrees’ plays out through DesignOffice’s inspired spatial-retail designs in our pop up store space, in Therry Street, opposite the Victoria Markets in Melbourne. The campaign and pop up also celebrates the release of our brand new furniture pieces, designed by Adam Goodrum, Jon Goulder and Justin Hutchinson for Dessein.


Here we chat with Mark Simpson and Damien Mulvihill, directors and founders of DesignOffice, about how they brought the concept of 10 Degrees to life.




Dessein: Tell us about your ideas around 10 Degrees and some of the spatial and architectural elements we’ll find in our Concept Store?


DesignOffice: We spent a lot of time looking at the particular Australian light qualities synonymous with those pivotal times of day [sunset and sunrise]. We wanted to create a flexible installation which could be used in various locations and work across 3 different levels. The first to create impact with the sense of something unexpected. Then to use the planes of light to focus the view onto the furniture, and thirdly to create a sense of place and an area to dwell and learn more about [Dessein’s new furniture] pieces. Overarching this is the aim to create a light, playful and simple installation to reflect the brand values.




Dessein: What will we see when we visit the Concept Store in Therry Street?

DesignOffice: The chromatic lighting installation appears somewhat mysterious from the street. Then as visitors get closer the two planes of light are angled to focus onto the 'floating' pieces of furniture. [It] is quite an intimate space so we hope there is a sense of the everyday in the scale once inside the store.


Thanks for your time DesignOffice!




Did you know, you can purchase and order furniture items direct from Desseins Concept Store? Or you can purchase online here.


The Dessein pop-up Concept Store is located at 117-119 Therry Street, Melbourne CBD. The store opening times are:


Monday by appointment only
Tuesday closed
Wednesday by appointment only
Thursday closed
Friday open 9am till 5pm
Saturday open 9am till 5pm
Sunday open 9am till 5pm


See you down there!