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Widening the conversation around authentic Australian design at DEN fair

June 02, 2015

A three-day celebration of Australian design can only be a good thing for the local design industry, and we’re pleased to report that the DEN fair served this up – and so much more!

DEN presented an important opportunity for local designers and suppliers like ourselves. The fair allowed for a wide range of design enthusiasts to engage directly with Australian suppliers and retailers, and revealed a rich seam of local creative talent that often gets passed over for overseas alternatives.

Image courtesy of DEN

DEN also celebrated the diversity and vibrancy of our design industry and encouraged everyone to feel inspired by local designs. The more people appreciate the creative minds behind design, the more they will value authenticity. We feel it will go a long way in overcoming the prevalence of poorly made replica furniture in Australia.

The UK government recently announced a 2020 deadline to end the production of replica furniture. Let’s hope the Australian government follows its lead… 

Image courtesy of DEN


So, what were the stand outs at DEN? Some of our favourites included Tait and Cult. We also loved the beautiful Japanese furniture from Apato – there’s a simplicity to their approach that we really admire.

We enjoyed some interesting conversations with people from industry, trade and retail, as well as students and customers, and were thrilled with the response to our Concept Store installation, designed by Melbourne studio DesignOffice.

This echoed the success of our first Concept Store at Therry Street in Melbourne and it perfectly paves the way for our upcoming concept store, which will be launching in Perth… Watch this space!