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The story of Adam Goodrum's Parawood

February 16, 2015

It’s light, casual, comfortable and you can really put it anywhere – at home or at the office – the Parawood Chair answers all those needs. Designed by Adam Goodrum, the Parawood is Dessein Furniture’s chair hero. It’s versatile and brings as much elegance to a home dining environment, as it brings contemporary edge to a restaurant, café or even work place.

The advantage of the Parawood is that it comes in a number of options – with arms, or without arms (for easy stackability), and even as a stool if you so wish.



SJB Interiors recently chose the Parawood Armchair for their office boardroom – a “simple and stylish” fit with the SJB aesthetic.

“We needed to replace our boardroom chairs and wanted to find a light, casual chair and also wanted to buy local and support an Australian business,” says SJB.

Looks are pretty important, we agree, but so is comfort too. “[The Parawood Armchair] was comfortable and supportive with the cradling back rest – which is a bonus,” they say.



SJB also liked the sustainability aspect of the Parawood Armchair, which is produced from Rubberwood ply.

Like the rest of Dessein’s furniture range, the Parawood is produced using Rubberwood – chosen for its durability and sustainability.

It is not only plantation grown, but supplies latex for rubber-based products. In its second life, the Rubberwood is felled and (while a new sapling takes its place), it is prepared for furniture production. Read more here.

In the meantime, Dessein takes advantage of Rubberwood’s long-lasting durability, and beautiful grain to produce pieces like our Parawood Chairs.


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