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Out-takes from Dessein's Perth design tour

February 25, 2015

At Dessein we're interested in all things design – especially when it's in Australia, and so we've spent the last fortnight exploring Perth's design scene, catching up on some of the city's great architecture, gallery shows and public art.

The Perth Arena (above) by A.R.M. architects was a favourite for us, with its Yves Klein blue facade and irregular facets reminiscent of Christopher Monckton's tiled Eternity Puzzle

We also dropped by the Art Gallery WA to view their wonderful collection of works by Australian designers and craftspeople. This 2009 'Amore Mio' low chair in American black walnut by Dessein design collaborator Jon Goulder was a favourite!


Another highlight was this Dinosaur Designs' resin table. Entitled 'Full Moon' table (2014). This was a great piece and exciting to see the Dinosaur Design aesthetic translated into furniture.

This amazing mural entitled 'Migration' by Argentinian artist Eversiempre is one of many beautiful pieces from last year's Urban Art Walks (as part of Public festival).

Check out the Public 2015 program – bringing together artists from all over the world in WA, it looks pretty impressive.


Rebirth by Mariko Mori (a Tokyo-born, New York and London-based artist) was a real inspiration to see. Showing at Art Gallery WA, her art speaks of nature and cultural rituals. It has a strong celestial, spiritual feel and her body of work as a whole was bound together by a series of narratives.

The symbolism of simplicity, and pureness of her sculptures really stood out for us, as did her choice of materials.

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